The Cinnamon House
by Angie Landsverk
Waupaca County Post Staff Writer

Discover a bit of the country at the Cinnamon House in King.

The shop at N2720 County Trunk QQ in King is filled with primitive items that will inspire all visitors in their home decorating.Mona Smith and her daughter Julie Kesler work together there.In business since 1990, the mother-daughter team first had a seasonal shop at Scoopers.After 11 years of operating seasonally, the opportunity to move into King was before them and, this year, they are celebrating their eighth year at their present location.The cute, little blue house in which the Cinnamon House is located offers everything from upholstered furniture to candles, pottery and rugs.“We wanted all country primitive things,” Smith said.When they were located at Scoopers, they accepted consignments, with people from throughout the Fox Valley making the trip to the area to bring their items.”Toward the end, we started purchasing a few more things – curtains, table runners, napkins.” she said. “When this came available we took it.”

The Cinnamon House offers customers a full range of accessories, including pictures, canisters, bowls, lap quilts, wall hangings, antique primitive signs and braided rugs.Those who visit will also notice that many décor items feature something particular of them, and that is stars.“Anything with stars on it goes like crazy,” Smith said.The Cinnamon House carries Johnston Benchworks upholstered furniture. Johnston Benchworks, of North Wilkesboro in North Carolina, is a family-owned company that has a commitment to the notion that upholstered furniture should be visually appealing, comfortable, durable and should also be as unique as its owner.Other brands featured at The Cinnamon House include Parks Fabrics, Crossroads Candles and Cheerful Giver Candles.

Fabric is a key theme at the shop with visitors able to choose from a variety of napkins (which can also be used for window treatments), pillows, tote bags and even shower curtains.Crossroads Candles are handmade and provide a money feel with their smells that are reminiscent of baked breads, pies and cookies. A Cheerful Giver is known for its “Keepers of the Light” line, which was said to be the first jar candle with a metal lid. This line is now available in more than 50 fragrances.

In addition, The Cinnamon House is filled with baskets, lamps and also offers seasonal items in the fall, and, of course, during the Christmas season as well says Smith.The cozy shop also features the work of two local men. They make wooden furniture for The Cinnamon House and will make custom pieces for others. While there are lots of ideas for filling one’s home with special touches, customers can also add a little something to their wardrobes as well during this time of year. The Cinnamon House has become known for the sandals it carries during the summer season. “It all started, “ Smith explained, “when I bought some for myself and my kids when I was down in Florida.” When her daughters were seen wearing the sandals, interest in the footwear peaked so much that Kesler’s husband, Pat, did an online search and found the company that makes the cute sandals.“That is how we started selling them,” Smith said. “That was kind of neat. It’s kind of fun in the summer to have something like that.” And they sure do sell quickly at their shop. “We went through 14 cases last year, and there are 24 pairs in a case,” she said. This year, in addition to women’s sandals, they also have children’s sandals – marking their third season of selling the funky sandals.

Smith says that what she and Julie enjoy most about their business is the many people they get to know. “It’s the people – meeting the people. You get to know so many and make so many friends,” she said. Often, they get ideas about what to carry at The Cinnamon House from their customers.And, another aspect of the business is home consultations. Smith said they do everything from going into a home and helping with the decorating to arranging the furniture in one room and to providing ideas for pratically the entire house.“It’s just whatever they want,” she said, saying people just have to give them a call or stop in to make arrangements for a home consultation.

The Cinnamon House can be reached at 715-258-4899, Mona Smith at 715-258-3383, Julie Kesler at 715-256-0209 or visit us on the Web at

From May until December, the shop is open daily from 10 a.m. until 5 p.m.. The hours from January through April are 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., Friday through Sunday.